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What Is Endometriosis ?

Endometriosis is the medical name given to a gynaecological disorder (or disease) characterized by the presence of normal endometrial mucosa ...
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Endometriosis and Risk of Melanoma

Personal History of Endometriosis and Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma in a Large Prospective Cohort of French Women Background: An association ...
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Endometriosis and Cancer

"Endometriosis is considered a premalignant process whose association with carcinoma is well documented" Those who sign up get the privileged ...
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Survivin Gene Expression in Endometriosis

This Gene Helps Cells Live Longer, Like Cancer Cells. Those who sign up get the privileged information on how to ...
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Race-, sex-, and age-related differences in incidence of endometriosis

Does a certain race or age have a higher incidence of endometriosis? Do men get endometriosis? The answers might surprise ...
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Seven Ways to Preserve Fertility- From Diet to Surgery

Seven Ways to Preserve Female Fertility in Patients With Endometriosis Luiz Carvalho, MD; Nisha Nataraj, BS; Janavi Rao, BS; Smita ...
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Voice changes, Endometriosis & Drugs

Man vocal cords? Here we have a look at how irreversible damage caused by medical drugs can occur to your ...
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C-Reactive Protein & Endometriosis

C reactive protein (CRP) is used in this study as a method of detecting sub-clinical inflammation. Increased level of CRP ...
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Cause and Etiology of Endometriosis

Current Medical science is not sure of the exact cause of endometriosis, although it has several theories. These theories attempt ...
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Clear cell carcinoma in a background of endometriosis

Clear cell carcinoma in a background of endometriosis. Case report of a finding in a midline abdominal scar 5 years ...
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Samantha’s Story & endometriosis

Samantha’s Story "My Chance for Marriage was Destroyed by Endometriosis" The most horrific thing in the world to me was ...
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Cancer, endometriosis and a cesarean section scar

Carcinosarcoma arising from atypical endometriosis in a cesarean section scar Leng J, Lang J, Guo L, Li H, Liu Z ...
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