Samantha’s Story & endometriosis

Samantha’s Story & endometriosis

Samantha’s Story

“My Chance for Marriage was Destroyed by Endometriosis”

The most horrific thing in the world to me was seeing the man I love and was about to marry give up on me and walk out when I was sick and needed him most. Equally as terrible was not being able to get any real answer from five different doctors about what was causing my debilitating pain and why I was so sick. I was emotionally dead and alone and in horrible pain for over a year. I kept searching for answers as to what the cause of all this pain and sickness was, and finally discovered the real cause of my pain was caused by endometriosis!

I never heard of this disease until a few months ago, and owe it to a friend of mine that suggested that it might be endometriosis. About four months ago, I was telling a friend and her sister about my problem and pain. My friend’s sister revealed that she had been a sufferer too.  She said she felt as if she were re living her own past as I talked to them about my pain. She’d been through ten years of pain and suffered the loss of an ovary! This suggestion was confirmed by the last doctor I went to, the one my friend’s sister suggested, he was spot on.

I wish I’d seen him before Joel my fiancé took off. Joel loved me but could not take my condition any more. I would wake him up in the middle of the night wanting to go to emergency hospital. I would curl over with pain and sometimes I could hardly breathe from the pain this condition was causing.

Joel said he loved me and that he would move mountains to help, but he could not love what he’d been hearing from the previous doctors.  The previous doctors informed me and Joel that my pain was from venereal disease! It’s degrading and humiliating, especially when you’re clean, to be told by so many different doctors on different occasions over the time of a year that your pain and symptoms add up to an advanced stage of venereal disease!

Two of the other doctors treated me for a variety of non-existent conditions such as: a bladder disorder, vaginal infections, and a spastic colon. One doctor, she even suggested I have some internal reproductive organs removed! I felt like none of them knew or had the slightest idea about what was causing my pain…It scared me to think that no doctors could give me a straight answer or find a solution to my problem, and that this would go on for the rest of my life.

I was living on a variety of drugs ranging from antibiotics to an assortment of painkillers.
The pain was severe and lasted about three days. Then I’d feel a little pain as I would recover for a few days, and then okay for a while. I even heard that orgasm relieved pelvic tension, so I tried to be more sexually active. The problem was that intercourse hurt! This would leave both Joel and me frustrated and angry. Joel was even starting to believe that I was faking the pain and that I was cheating on him. The pain increased in frequency and duration, and Joel’s sympathy had been reduced…I don’t blame him. I would feel the same way if he had constant pain for years, refused and complained about intercourse and doctors telling him that it was from sexually transmitted diseases! Looking back on it, I am surprised that he stayed so long!

When I heard about endometriosis for the first time, the pain made sense. I finally felt I had the power to defeat this disease!

My friend’s sister also shared how she was able to finally control and ultimately defeat this strange disease called endometriosis!

It’s always sad to hear such stories… Now you can control endometriosis!